Majority of sophisticated home security systems have been designed to be controlled via mobile apps. The apps that are compatible with monitoring systems are popular as ‘Smart’. It means you get a chance to increase the capabilities of your system, when it gets interfaced with Your Smartphone. It gives you peace of mind as well as convenience. Many things can be taken care of, when your mobile phone is linked with home security panel.

How Smartphone integration with home security system is advantageous?

You can improve home alarm system’s level of protection more in four ways.

Monitor who visits and leaves your home

Smartphone security app empowers you to unlock front door even if you are in a remote place or away from home. You even get to set a specific unlock time. For example, when kids arrive home or home cleaning services come or let neighbor in to feed your cat. You can even let in a Washing machine or TV repair technician inside, thus there is no need to wait for them but carry on with your tasks. Smartphone can be linked with doorbell and front door security camera. It helps to see the person standing on the front door. Even if you are not inside, it helps to make strangers think you are inside.

Eliminate the traditional way of keeping door keys under doormat and the concerns about losing or misplacing them installing quality comprehensive smart security system. Home security systems are extremely affordable just check ADT Los Angeles, who are authorized dealers. You will get premium quality home alarm system tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive smart security system includes features like –

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Smart cameras
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart burglar alarms

Save on utilities

Temperature and lightings system can be controlled from your mobile phones. Home temperature gets maintained well when you leave and return home. Thermostat can be controlled. Lights can be turned on to give an impression that someone is inside, even if you are away. Many people doubt if they turned the lights off or not but now they can clear their doubts easily from wherever they are without returning back home.

Security camera monitoring

Security cameras can be checked in real-time with your Smartphone as they are connected with your control panel. Watching nannies and babysitter has become easy for parents. You can even keep an eye on your teenage girl at home alone in the evening. Check on pets to see that they are very safe and sound without you around.

Arm the system

Sometimes, you may forget to arm the security system but with Smartphone it can be done easily, there is no need to share passcode with friend or neighbor. If you are in a hurry then don’t mess with the alarm system but set it after reaching the destination.

Advanced technology for convenience

Technology allows you to reduce stress regarding home protection and family safety. It is wise to incorporate home alarm system with mobile phone. You may not be physically present in the house but it will not be left unattended.