Are you nervous for your first practical driving test? Well, there are high chances that you are, but you don’t have to be anxious!

Your driving test must never be terrifying experience for you or for the examiner. Moreover, if you weren’t really competent, then your instructor would never have allowed you to fly solo!

You will need to pass theory as well as hazard perception test to further go for practical driving test booking. Well, the following are some of the best pieces of advice that will help you prepare your best for your practical test!

Top things to expect from practical driving test

  • Eyesight check

You will likely require reading number plate from around 20 to 20.5 metres. In case you fail in reading it, then your test would end.

  • Vehicle safety questions

You will also be asked a “show me” and a “tell me” question. The first one will be asked while the beginning of test, while the other one will be asked when you will be driving.

  • Overall general ability

In this section, you will be driving in different traffic and road environment. Your examiner will be providing you with directions to be followed.

  • Reversing the vehicle

You can be asked to either parallel park your vehicle at side of road or in a bay. You need to be alert while this aspect of the test.

  • Independent driving

This will be the final aspect of test that can last for around 20 minutes. However, the time duration may vary depending on your examiner.

Expert tips to stay calm on the test day

  • Plan out proper time

Give yourself enough time for learning proper ways to drive and for passing your test as well. Never try rushing the process since many of the skills are developed as a result experience. So, let your own instructor tell you when exactly you are ready for test.

  • Practice

Once you have got some experience with your instructor, get your relative or friend with you to get some extra practice. Gaining experience will boost up your confidence. So, make sure to spend maximum time before your test behind the wheel.

  • Stay focused

You can use interactive online tools for learning as well as some smart-phone apps. They will offer you deeper understanding of the situations that may happen along with ways of avoiding them.

  • Keep calm

 Anytime that you feel lost or test, you must concentrate by taking few deep breaths. It will calm and soothe your mind and will allow you to focus on next instruction. In case you didn’t understand anything, never be shy of asking your examiner. Ask them to repeat it.

  • Get proper sleep

Ensure that you don’t stay awake till late at night before day of test. In case you have time, you can have a lesson to settle your nerves and think about right away of driving!

So are you ready now? Just be calm and stay focused and implement the above tips to pass your test seamlessly!