There are various options for you to choose when it comes to buying a flute. However, it is your own choice but you have to know what kind of flute will be best for you. Alto, contrabass and bass are very common among flutist these days to play flute choirs and expand repertoire for larger flutes.

If you’re going to buy an alto flute, you have to be very sure about what kind of flute you want, whether a curved headjoint or straight headjoint. However, it is suggested that you should play both at first to understand its advantages and disadvantages before purchasing it.

An alto flute is made with a pitch on the G, the fourth key on the concrete flute. The alto flute is 8 inches larger than the others allowing sufficient air to pass through to play in an alto flute.

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When it comes to headjoints, you can buy a different headjoint that will help you customize your flute. Using a different headjoint can help you to adjust the flexibility and tone to your choice. The two main factors of a headjoint are the material and the cut in it.

Materials used to make headjoints for flutes are discussed as below:

  • Nickel-Silver
  • Nickel silver with a sterling silver lip plate
  • Solid Sterling Silver (.925)
  • Sterling Silver (.925) with Gold Plating on Lip, Riser and Interior:
  • Brittania Silver (.958)
  • .997 Silver
  • Gold

Nickel-silver is usually used to make flutes for student’s use because they last long and are very affordable for the students whereas Nickel silver with a sterling silver lip plate is used to enhance sound when compared to full nickel-silver head joint.

Solid Sterling Silver (.925) is used because it improves the quality of sound and increases the palette and playing excitement and Sterling Silver (.925) with Gold Plating on Lip, Riser and Interior makes robust sounds.

Brittania Silver (.958) enlivens the sound and .997 Silver makes beautiful sound that are exuberant. Last but not the least, the Gold material flute improves the sound to a great extent, but these are mostly better for the use of flutist who are already pro at it.

The kind of cut in the flute matters a lot. Curved headjoints are preferable in alto flutes because it is more stable and comfortable than the straight headjoints. However, many people who have long arms may prefer straight headjoints because it fits them perfectly. So, it basically depends on your comfortable level with the headjoint.

People with shorter arms may find curved headjoints comfortable and people with longer arms may prefer straight headjoints. Also, if you’re a beginner, curved headjoints might be steady and balanced for you.

One of the prime disadvantages of a curved headjoint is that it has an intonation in 3rd octave making it a little sharp that makes it hard to move the fingers. However, with practice you can learn alternative uses of fingers very easily.

Curved headjoints are popular among flutist because of its charming look and design especially with bass flutes which helps the flutists to play it standing vertically. So, it basically depends upon the person’s comfortableness whether or how comfortable he is in playing the flute.